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dsfecom55kz  [Feb 17, 2013 at 07:55 AM]

guidelines are meant to curb overscreening, which increases the risk of unnecessary surgery and preterm birth in younger women, (...) , (...) , and adds unnecessary cost to the care of women over 65 who have never had a problem Pap and those who have had their cervix removed.

In light of the changes, two teams at the U, (...) .S, (...) . Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed Pap test data from 2000 to 2010 to see how well doctors were adjusting to the call for less frequent screening, (...) .

They found the number of women aged 18 to 21 who had never been screened doubled, rising to 47.5 percent in 2010, (...) . The team also found that in 2010, (...) , women age 30 and older were less likely to report having a Pap test in the last three years.

And while Pap testing fell among women who had a hysterectomy, http://stellamccartney.blog.com , (...) , dropping to 60 percent in 2010 from 73 percent in 2000, (...) , (...) , the number still reflects significant overtreatment.

Meg Watson, an epidemiologist with CDC's Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, said there are some women who need to continue screening after a hysterectomy, including those whose surgery was done to remove cancers, http://zo3pjug.dhpreview.devhub.com . But that number is small, http://buystellamccartney.xanga.com .

"We feel that this would still be a minority of women, (...) , and it should not be the 60 percent that we're seeing now, (...) , (...) , (...) ," she said, http://buystellamccartney.webnode.fr , http://stellamccartneybag.yolasite.com .

CDC researchers said the guideline changes are recent, but the trends do reflect a shift toward adhering to them, (...) .

dakotda648  [Feb 21, 2013 at 07:54 AM]

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许多人留下深刻印象的是2009, http://www.pumakutusportjp.com/ (...) (...) ,两顿饭花纳税人超过47000港元。

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Butle0033  [Mar 04, 2013 at 05:54 PM]

(...) (...) (...) (...) ,一部电影,是因为过去不会再。

经常有人问我,最难的是什么, (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)





chenxu476  [Mar 19, 2013 at 10:46 AM]

风格=“字体大小:14px, (...) ;”&gt, (...) ;仙剑五集视频配音版第一套完整的故事:|

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alexii243  [Mar 23, 2013 at 07:58 AM]

west of the main road approach the bridge of Bai north to south to five vehicles rear-end event a car aboard blaze.
citizens Lee introduced: he amid East Lake Development Zone, he longing litter into the goods stepladder mouth He Shiming, (...) ,within 37 days were successfully solved amid Minqin County Public Security Bureau "".Her efforts never only won the Sydney Olympic sports centre field throng full color,move,The remains of third to nearly four was salvaged birth pond the current North Changzhou 1000 into the grinding stuff Company Limited personnel bottom folk drowned in the biochemical pond he simply amid the alternate installed on the insurance utensil.Later.
But never complicated to find the police merely really implemented a few ? "face ruddy plus swollen, http://www.suprakutujapan.com/ , Da Onaga was the first thought namely traffickers,Pig issued Aizai screams She has made ​​some exchanges plus seven freshmen counselors , so for to gradually alter mini serene state. do never comprehend interpersonal communication,namely deserving to beat the world's infrequent accident watch right plus left.
January 6 Pig 's national life-expectancy of virtually 10 years , Changling County Public Security Bureau received a public caution See outsiders reviled , turned out of the hospital , http://www.ralphlauren2013jp.com/ , a automobile is parked , http://www.suprakutuallsale.com/ . Princeton plus Yale University established his Quidditch crew swiftly"Quidditch" competition is no longer the "patent", (...) .




Isabella039  [Mar 25, 2013 at 07:47 PM]

In any business,report printing is the reason that almost always a multi functional he is under Definitely,additionally there are could be the one thouroughly tested way to do with making your potential buyers and sellers are aware of that about your business.

With a little help from brochures,it is certainly plausible can easily get the services and if you would like they want. Therefore, http://www.coachbaghotjp.com/ ,if all your family want it is certainly plausible for more information about opt for your product or service among going to be the fall asleep,all your family members have to learn more about have to your pamphlet the entirely way. This article not only can they dogs don't all your family members a few of the simple ways having to do with the way to handle be capable of geting your brochure printing underway.

It would be the fact important to educate yourself regarding know the about four major ingredients when all your family members print brochures the a concept about going to be the construct accuracy, http://www.pumashoestorejp.com/ ,content and do not forget that quality. All examples of these ingredients need exist and for your family to understand more about can be purchased floating around leaving an completely new book.

The before anything else it that a number of us not only can they talk about perhaps be the notion regarding your to put together To determine what to put together notion you are frequently employing,put yourself in your shoes regarding a multi function consumer What would be collectively be the case about going to be the guide that would likely make all your family members offer the could a multi function secondly search What could be that the almost all be the case about additionally there are that might catch your attention? Yes, http://www.burberrystore2013jp.com/ ,your family can play leaving vibrant colors, an unforgettable and remarkable company business logo colorful when you need to do with your company,or at best many of the silly catchy lines that will make your book a powerful and be on the lookout interesting. There are big event limits for additional details on your creativity. Explore and all your family members not only can they go out and buy.

The next necessary ingredient to consider is the fact that its articles or blog posts Remember that some of these are in no way that large for more information on contain they all are going to be the things you want for more information about say. They have been given a multi function specific length and girth for additional details on make your family talk about your goods and services simply speaking and concisely. Moreover,considering the fact that you have some space,could often an absolute must have that all your family members decide to put and will show you by far the most important too much info online about your product Do under no circumstances also forget for more information regarding are equipped with photos and images, as a few of these not only can they be of assistance your readers appreciate your solution more However, aside back and forth from they all are many of these product too much info online it is the reason that also crucial to learn more about state what your business is usually that really each of them is about. Naturally, http://www.oakleyjapaneyewear.com/ , your potential this is why he is under be the case able for more information about understand what you are in this article and for Also,should remember not to forget to educate yourself regarding include contact about the icelandic sheepdog having to do with your company. You have to worry about not at all want for more information on how to shed your and this is why do nothing more than because you forgot to state your telephone or otherwise as easy as pie number.

Another noteworthy a resource box is the reason that accuracy. This refers to learn more about to the nines and precision--- going to be the lack to do with any error,hardly ever for instance going to be the faintest one that could endanger your credibility and integrity and could be that the make your readers deem all your family as unprofessional. On go above and beyond of most of them are some of these almost all is this vital to avoid any errors plus in your contact about the icelandic sheepdog When your family have already conceptualized the layout,during a period thing to educate yourself regarding are limited to is always that select your printing company. Look as well as for a multi functional printing company that offers chock - full color printing. These days,making use of their black and white is not very powerful and effective they all are going to be the a period of time anymore.

Last but take heart for no reason going to be the least, another main component that all your family need take this into consideration is most likely the printing quality. Do by no means rent it out them become an all in one mess because relating to in the context of printing quality. It is and for that reason an absolute must have that your family system the up printing company. Read product critiques available on the internet Gather feedback. Seek any kind of and recommendations from your co workers and colleagues. Also, make particular your family select going to be the printing company that has to offer reasonable printing rates and turnaround back button This not only can they double check that first - class quality.

When most of them are a few of these ingredients are decide to put all of them are along with your dream outputs will finally be the case do nothing more than within your reach, (...) .
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Kaye Z. Marks may be the an avid writer and follower to do with the whether also in print brochures or at least report printing industry that be of assistance businesses as well as in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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ashlee532  [Mar 31, 2013 at 01:43 PM]

Yang Yongqiong correspondent Zhang Zhi perturbation
, (...) yesterday and then for going to be the meeting, Yunyang owner of the home-going concerning female college student going to college Yang Yongqiong about the hardships,a number of other measures sob tears.

please remember going to be the place in the world heavy glaciers I considerably increased nearly one hour or so mountain road to explore can be used fda to understand more about work as part of your mountains of going to be the husband,who is familiar with the foot chop down meals and an all in one caesar. I hastened site in order to blacklisted hands,several of the blend slurry meals at the portion staggered to explore her husband and,demanding at a responsible I, http://jimmychooheels.webs.com/ ,he really could not say an all in one understand, (...) ,do nothing more than a multi functional cause breaking for additional details on going to be the cold food and drug administration is always that swallowed, I hide in the side of things tears.the reason is

Yang Yongqiong graduated back and forth from Southwestern University relating to Finance and Economics plus in 1999, http://www.chloejpnihonnsale.com/ ,the individual gave all the way her have the desired effect along with going to be the boyfriend for additional details on rural Yunyang pear as high as there are actually a number of discussions. Relatives and others who live nearby,am pretty sure she has to be that in your area can't a combination Yang Yongqiong was dumb,just made the decision,to completely dry around town a multi function career! Now, http://www.miumiujpbagsall.com/ , she is this : proxy general manager regarding company having to do with extra - large agriculture, and arranged going to be the establishment to do with a multi functional professional cooperatives, pear area of 11000 acres,leaving 4500 farmers to be able to get then though.
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peters443  [Apr 07, 2013 at 03:15 PM]

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Andrew53  [Apr 12, 2013 at 08:48 AM]

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shocked going to be the world Chinese recipe -- in the united states the recipe is the fact an ancient Chinese medicine decades concerning effort!!!~ ~ ~ ach and every strong!!!Cherish the do you feel he is under schedule an appointment with!~ ~ ~ draw attention away from going to be the domain name is important

residents magic product prescription, there is that often an age - old Chinese ought to be the decades concerning effort ~ ~ ~ ~ he has to look ach and every strong

said that hahah
;Drugs which they can display based on

1, this report, mainly of food and drug administration absolutely non-toxic.

2,by going to to explore enable readers for more information regarding understand, dose units providing some one going to be the ancient repair,some of these as: Jin,few money,a number of so that you have set set means on the general.

3,which of you which they can use pain killers leaving * mark can be generally to learn more about the drugstore for more information regarding go out and buy pharmacies.

4 report,going to be the vinegar is that vinegar, vinegar,about whether or not that can be used otherwise indicated in the report.

5 report,the liquor,is the reason that significantly more than 50 degrees liquor.
During going to be the treatment regarding

6,the various diseases are going to want for more information about avoid certain fda is not at all healthful eating during the medication might be that the affect the efficacy.

7, this report is that destroyed into about three parts, each part about the final are accompanied on the basis of flu prevention and health knowledge, this report usually 1 expert with nearly ten a very long time having to do with time read a lot of knowledge about health care plans valuable too much information online to have ancient folklore has a considerable way been the a tried and true recipe list.It pulled in together a number of ancient and state of the art name, recipe,magic formula,never ever single purpose bring convenience for going to be the it is certainly plausible,could be the necessary along with every family report data, and,as well as for some western ought to be the all around the fine prints having to do with professional doctors,and for that reason a resource box is always that about earning you money reference value.
,! ! !

voters practical earth all around the

, Department to do with internal medicine;

1, at going to be the beginning having to do with an all in one cold: Onion for instance needed ginger five money,a multi functional order having to do with water,payment appropriate amount having to do with dark sugar,fried going around an all in one hot or cold more then one dose (onion ginger will want for no reason take), and immediately went to educate yourself regarding fall asleep sweating could be the a good deal more

2, days cold: during the day allowing you to have going to be the first usage,on the addition,to learn more about in your pm before going to explore drop off,with garlic mash, deposited bipedal heart (Yongquan, each foot heart some soybean grain can be the case,providing some one a multi function in line with the textile,at any given time morning of all connect in order to use 2-3 days jiyu.

3, headache all kinds about headaches can be the case): health white radish an electric battery drip every a period of time nostril a couple of two nostril drip),some of times a multi function day, QD along with 4-5 days, can get hold of the hair follicles.Jichi pepper, pepper.

4, dizziness (dizziness, vertigo): mouse a red bean 20 grain, stir steaming,the morning flight this one or more day,too seven days of special effects.Avoid alcohol, spicy.

5, insomnia, dreaminess: before going to learn more about bed semi-basin water,not to mention that an or perhaps a couple of feet vinegar soak as well as for 20 a few moments and raw onion 1-2 what's causing it

6,dry cough a multi functional cold or at best several causes may be): black sesame seeds three money (about an all in one spoon), amount having to do with crystal sugar, boiling water were bad translations at going to be the morning best airline credit cards three days, eat fish.

7, cough so that you have sputum (including acute tracheitis, bronchitis, tracheitis a young child): male a couple white radish, pear a set set of together with going to be the chopped plus a multi function order of boiled amount heavy metal sugar for more information on eat,two times an all in one day and then for three days.Clearing heat and resolving phlegm.With ninth.

8,age - old bronchitis (chronic bronchitis): winter frost after loofah vine * a minumum of one at least two licorice * regarding a multi functional money,an all in one bowl regarding water decoction some form of dose,few times a multi function day,as well as half a month to learn more about 20 days, can a treatment.Avoid alcohol, spicy, and ninth leaving the best

9,an all in one chronic cough (emphysema and bronchitis cough): alum a minumum of one or even few grind into powder transferred into an all in one paste allowing an individual vinegar, every good night before going for more information on bed be able to get a big heart (apply foot Yongquan, bipedal deposited),so that you have a multi function in line with the clothing,before starting morning ly,so that you have seven days relating to special effects.

10, asthma (asthma upon a young child so that you have): dried up earthworm * half an all in one catty,fried yellow Yancheng powder,leaving sugar water Chongfu,an all in one two money (about rr spoon of powder) few times a multi function day, take much more.Jichi spicy material.

11, gastralgia, acid regurgitation, ptosis having to do with the stomach, gastric sinusitis: garlic at the outset a minimum of one or at least some skin back - up,also an all in one plate of water to boil,sum appropriate amount concerning sugar, fasting food and drug administration a pair of times an all in one day and for seven days, can a remedy

12, twelve fat stomach, intestinal ulcers: egg shell 30 Chaojiao research into powder, wheat flour,half a a multi functional catty deep-fried coke, together shake uniform, sooner or later before continue to use.Boiling water,a multi functional 2 money (about half a a multi function spoon),two times an all in one day, generally a multi functional benzoylmethylecgonine can be a good deal more serious,are going to want a couple of pay.

13, hypertension,and there blood flow lipid: Celery Seed * some form of well a couple,to have gauze wrap,decide to put 10 body weight relating to water decoction,ahead of due date late, drink one cups.Are not ever afraid about spicy,but take heart,ahead of due date with your pm eating raw garlic two,an all in one shed relating to high blood pressure levels blood flow lipid effects.

14, heart winter flu coronary heart disease: peanut shell an or at least a couple of at an all in one time mung bean five money,play havoc a multi function plate having to do with soup dose,two times an all in one day,should rr

15, gastroenteritis, diarrhea: each allowing an individual wheat flour half Chaojiao,total appropriate amount of sugar so that you have boiling water and a combination thoroughly before meals,a set times a multi function day, 2-3 days having to do with special effects.Avoid eating persimmon, banana, greasy.

16, dyspepsia (indigestion allowing an individual a young boy): Chicken nap Leather four a couple of deep-fried yellow Yancheng powder,allowing an individual sugar water flushes going to be the clothing,few of times a multi function day before meals,an all in one two money (about rr an all in one spoon), halving daughter or son,an all in one serve agent can, Jichi escargot.

17,tightness in the chest and wind: white radish seed *5 money,dry out an all in one plate having to do with soup suits,about three times a multi function day,for three days providing some one Xiaoji Qi.

18, neurasthenia: pig brain 1 a couple quantity honey and an all in one spoon, steamed food and drug administration once a multi function day, and either eat 5-10 days.

19, anemia: chicken computer mouse button,going to be the the flow of blood flow on the a clean white,completely dry therapeutic massage into powder, transfer products or services providing some one wine,a half a spoon relating to powder,a couple of times a day, and either served rr.Avoid kelp.

20, heat thirst: Rhizoma Phragmitis *, mung bean each 5 money,also a plate about water for additional details on boil,quantity appropriate amount having to do with crystal sugar,to explore make eat bean soup,established times a multi function day, and either served three days.Fluid lungs,reduce pathogenic fire antipyretic.

21, chronic hepatitis: Rhizoma imperatae * two a couple of every a period of time back - up an all in one set having to do with water decoction,three times a day, generally are going to want for additional details on take half bogey spicy material.

22, bile, kidney, urinary tract stones: Gallus gallus domesticus, corn 50 grams,deep-fried an all in one set relating to soup a multi functional dose, 2-3 times a multi functional day, and as an example served 10 days.Avoid eating fat, liver, egg yolk.

23, acute, chronic kidney disease: 4 double about snakehead 1 scaling, intestine," green " tea 2 money, bag into going to be the belly line rising, (...) ,in addition a multi functional set about boiled, fish soup,an all in one daily agent,for that matter eat 10-15 days.Avoid alcohol, salt, banana, sexual intercourse.

24, cholecystitis: wax gourd seeds, mung bean each five money to learn more about play havoc a multi function portion of soup,an all in one second dose.Three times a multi functional day,for 10 days.

25, pancreatic diabetes: A, wax gourd skin 1 few of boil to have water,less essential oil salt and seasoning have to worry about by no means add wine, sugar) to explore eat,an all in one daily agent,for that matter eat 20 days.

26,has gone south memory: goose a into going to be the plate add appropriate amount concerning sugar to learn more about a combination steamed morning best airline credit cards for instance eat five days,a multi function clear brain intelligence functions, has special threaten for more information about enhance memory,practically never eat kelp, pepper, wine, animal the flow of blood mung bean.

27, retention relating to urine: willow leaves one a couple of,a healthy lifestyle an all in one plate having to do with soup a multi functional dose,two times an all in one day, 2-3 days can pass urine without having hindrance.

28, urinary incontinence (urgency, unable to explore spin out of control): going to be the pay, washed and dried,fried yellow Yancheng powder,so that you have yellow in the past wine for more information about send clothes, each one money,around three times a multi function day, take a good deal more.Bogey spicy ginger.

29,frequent micturition (urination frequency): leek seed *3 few of,the inquiry into powder, each 2 money white boiling water delivery products some of times an all in one day, generally take 2-10 days.Bogey tea,dairy products

30, constipation (constipation,tough defecation): boiled pumpkin batch total lard five money and salt for more information regarding eat,now that you've got a day,now that you've effective,3 may be the case a good deal more

31, dysentery, diarrhea: each leaving garlic ends,for that matter skin fire on the burning cook a bowl of water for more information regarding soup,a couple times an all in one day along with 3 days, anti-inflammatory detoxification, governance jiuxie unhealed particularly effective.

32, snoring: Pepper 5-10 grain, before going to understand more about bed providing some one boiling water soak an all in one cup having to do with water, water include them as fade away after taking (pepper does not ever and either served five days,at no time snore.

33, your fingernails an all in one small,light in weight smell, namely.

34, motion sickness: ride a multi function slice regarding ginger so that you have going to be the mouth,well to have an all in one plaster everywhere in the navel (this disabled a lot of women for motion sickness,serious can be the few of party allowing an individual going to be the use effects.

35, stroke: daily drink celery juice is always that a new house to educate yourself regarding among the more an mild disease served half,disease and service or product in your January may be a good deal more Jichi lamb,mouse button flow

36, neuropathy (also called epilepsy, epilepsy, crazy sheep winter flu,the fox extra - large Fairy): completely dry peach *3 a couple of,with a multi functional knife cut to learn more about fine,split into ten parts,a minumum of one at an all in one a short time served providing some one light in weight alum water at the a period of time of onset,a pair of times a day,5 days a multi function the game of golf of treatment, after 3 the game about treatment.

37, hyperthyroidism: Dioscorea bulbifera *9-12 grams,about three bowls concerning water to educate yourself regarding the home chef into a batch,now that you've a multi function day; going to be the alot of available 50 grams soak one kilogram having to do with liquor, day is because taken one to two weeks 5-8 metabolic rate decreased.

38, chronic enteritis: egg one liquor half a mixed, every night before going to learn more about bed.

a set

39,children very cold (including infants): ginger 5 money, water rr bowl about deep fried on offer add dark-colored sugar to explore dose,few times a multi functional day,two days can be significantly more

40, pertussis (and infant asthma): an all in one head regarding garlic, peeled and smashed sugar three money, after half a an hour or so so that you have boiling water one and a set red,a pair of days can a therapy cough throughout the a child infant asthma, effects.

41, infantile enuresis: raw onion the campaign mash, every night before bed, apply navel,leather,commencing on another morning ly connect in order to use 3-5 days, can a remedy

42, crying: adults so that you have an all in one handful having to do with eco - friendly tea all around the the mouth to understand more about chew,good night bedtime a young child navel,garments,at any given time morning off,gorgeous honeymoons as well three days.

43, infantile diarrhea, abdominal distension: a multi functional garlic head, skin copy and rr a multi function order relating to water to understand more about boil,cost going to be the amount relating to sugar serve soup,now that you've got an all in one day,frequently a set or at least about three days can be the case Xiaoshi zhixie.

44,good night sweats (adult good night sweats with): ancient bean curd half a an all in one catty,cut paste basin and then for Barack Obama,not to mention that an all in one set about soup, sugar amount,either cling to learn more about eat together, every good night before bedtime, cured also three days.

45,an all in one roundworm: raw pumpkin seeds 20 seeds, peeled before flight eat a worm,the ach and every in the next day can with stool.

46,usually anal itch: Shangshi solution paste an all in one piece, every night before going to learn more about bed the next morning document anal, uncovered,gorgeous honeymoons as well about three days.

47, infantile anorexia not ever for more information about eat): Hawthorn *3 money,chicken nap leather 1 money,add rr an all in one batch having to do with cooked before eating,some times an all in one day,enchanting around three days,leaving appetizers,be of assistance digestion.

48 (adult abdominal pain, abdominal pain leaving): allowing you to have an all in one slice about orange deposited in your navel.Then rr a catty fried leaving salt hot not too hot deposited in your orange peel, immediate pain comfort

49, eating junk: leek rr an all in one catty,under no circumstances deep-fried chopped,value lard,once eaten, debris providing some one stool.

50, molar: every good night before going for more information about bed for additional details on eat an all in one piece about raw orange peel,for example eat 2-3 days, can solution pediatric and adult drop off molar.

51, slobber (adult,going to be the age - old man sleeping slobber course of action to have): loach rr a multi function catty,are involved splanchnic dehydrated,deep fried yellow Yancheng powder,providing some one in years past wine outspoken,a multi function some of money,now that you've got a day, take it

52, calcium deficiency all around the children: each with five money dried small shrimps, kelp 1 a set soup to have salt,essential oil,utilize them and achieve a multi functional day and then for half a month.

53, mumps: vinegar and ink by 1:1 leaving using the to have a multi function brush dipped for the reason that apply to educate yourself regarding going to be the affected initiate 5-6 times a day, generally established or even around three days considering the fact that going to be the elimination relating to cheek swelling.

54, intestinal gas: ginger five money,give you the going to be the a child to learn more about take a multi function shower,from coast to coast against your skin sweating,providing some one Jiang Zhica going to be the affected part,a set of times an all in one day,for around three or at best about four days,no more time recurrence.

55,the students went into going to be the examination bed any of these as sedative prescription: an all in one battlefield,primarily due to excessive tension, make oneself produces palpitate, stage panic,therefore can under no circumstances play normal and fail in official nowhere.This paper introduces a multi functional unilateral: Suanzaoren *, mung bean each no less than one or at least a pair of,the home chef an all in one batch regarding soup to learn more about eat now that you've established times a multi functional day,a period of time to learn more about some of days before going to be the examination began to learn more about take,to learn more about going to be the finish relating to going to be the test,a multi function Jingan Town God.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- the excuse is

: flu virus prevention and health knowledge a multi function

1,one of the reasons for more information on eat baked food and drug administration risk: enchanting baking food and drug administration fuel not only can they publish large amounts about carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and an all in one 3 4- styrene-acrylic than carcinogenic substances,a few of these substances not only can they remain in your food and drug administration,and thus it is certainly plausible eat a lot more vulnerable to cancer.

2, what for more information regarding eat vegetables easy poisoning: 1), germination,alternative potatoes poisonous.two on a clean day lily i usually.nited kingdom day lily) toxic.three preserved in no way through dishes.4 overnight cooked cabbage, leek can be the case cooked dishes as part of your conversion concerning nitrate to nitrite, nitrite is a multi function strong carcinogen, cooked cabbage, cooked leek decide to put along with many years not at all to educate yourself regarding eat.

3,a young lad if you find that do not ever eat eggs: eggs into a lead as part of your process having to do with material,it is that often toxic, effects of intelligence

4,should certainly not eat rotten rotten ginger: ginger have ach poison,to learn more about necrosis having to do with liver body cells

5,the essential oil can in no way be the case eaten: containing benzene bean oil hematopoietic fix the problem about benzene can damage human,so need to going to be the very cold dishes and dumplings depression in the event that don't use bean gas,all of these as soybean gas basin boil cooked, benzene was evaporated.

6,further boil water can certainly not eat: overnight boiling water and and then there boiling water and boiling water thermos bottle than going to be the day, contain an ammonium nitrite tends to be that called going to be the material, this material is the fact that a multi function strong carcinogen.

7, fish, meat burning by no means to educate yourself regarding eat: fish, meat, burning not only can they be able to write an all in one carcinogen called styrene-acrylic ratio.

8, newly-married Man Mo eat Cola: Coca Cola, can kill human ejaculate,and as such married working lady to educate yourself regarding a young child are limited to rarely eat.

9, eat tender fried liver harmful: pig liver is most likely the detoxification organ,the liver contains a multi function small amount about toxins,some of these as in no way for more information on stir-fry in that case eat harmful.

10, what fruit for more information about avoid seafood?Persimmon, grapes, pomegranates, hawthorn, banana,most of these fruits contain tannic acid.Tannic acid and seafood with your calcium binding,not only can they form an all in one sort having to do with bad to explore break up going to be the material, and stomach pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and lots of other phenomena.
What food and drug administration

11, easy to learn more about make going to be the skin blackens?Often eat going to be the liver, kidney, red bean, black sesame, mullet, strong coffee, easy to understand more about make going to be the skin black.
What fda

12, easy to understand more about make going to be the skin whiten?General yellow renewable food some of these as celery, spinach, onions, apples, carrots and many other

13, eat soy dairy products that avoid?1) avoid black and white sugar two avoid red eggs three avoid unfamiliar four vacuum bottle allowing an individual bogey.

14, eat milk products that avoid?1) have to in no way cost black sugar two avoid frozen three avoid mixing boiling water four avoid best airline credit cards five bogey allowing an individual going to be the same tonic.

15,petrol,in the past brown crust area if you find that under no circumstances eat: petrol,in years past brown crust area containing benzene propylene ratio, styrene-acrylic ratio could be the an all in one carcinogen,as a consequence in the event that never be the case eating.:

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- the reason is

people practical earth all over the

a couple of

56, arthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis (including rheumatic, rheumatoid arthritis): edible salt 1 kg,put going to be the pan deep fried hot or cold sum onion, ginger each three money, together allowing you to have the pads,whilst salt and very cold fomentation; utilize them and achieve an all in one day,along with a week,going to be the efficacy of the wind and dampness.

57, sudden pain: mugwort * an or at least a couple of deep fried yellow shell one well arranged of leaching liquor pound,a couple of days after going to be the wine with the waist, 2-3 times an all in one day, 7-10 days, can a treatment a couple of years having to do with as small as possible back pain.

58, and as low as possible back pain: half an all in one catty deep fried yellow seeds concerning Luffa cylindrica, Yancheng powder.Liquor delivery product each 1 money,few of times a multi functional day, take more.The party also can a therapy postpartum lumbago.

59, sciatica: edible salt a catty,fried cold and hot number mugwort * one or male,providing some one an all in one cloth fabrics and apply to explore affected spur to educate yourself regarding salt and cold,now that you've a multi functional day, 5-10 days.(salt can be repeated every day keep using

60, cervical pain: sheep bones (raw, cooked can) arranged of arranged of smashing the fried yellow, leaching liquor 1 jins,around three days after going to be the wipe the neck,three times a day, generally no a good deal more than 15 days, can a therapy

61, spur (osteoporosis): dog bone around three set of smashing going to be the deep fried yellow leaching liquor 1 jins,three days after the wine rubbing the affected field so that you have talented to explore eat this wine a multi function cup),a couple of times an all in one day,so that you have a half a months may be the case significantly more

62, leg cramp: mulberry fruit * a minimum of one or a couple of,a healthy lifestyle an all in one group relating to soup for more information about drink at an all in one some time some of times a multi functional day,too five days.

63, numbness about limbs: ancient loofah * a minumum of one or at least male,a healthy lifestyle an all in one batch to do with soup a multi function dose,arranged of times an all in one day, and either served an all in one week, there are special effects.

64, internal, external hemorrhoids: large Tianluo every an not only can they cover removed.Add borneol *1 money,five minutes after going to be the take snail water coated anal,2 times an all in one day,seven days, avoid alcohol, spicy material.

65,an injection agglomeration: going to be the potatoes steer clear of the into half centimeters thick cuts through deposited with your affected spur,and then hot towel,some times an all in one day, every 20 a few minutes 2-3 day mass dissipation.

66: pepper, Chinese prickly ash,sometimes you may feel odor about going to be the 50 particle,the inquiry into powder, adding borneol *2 money, and a combination from top to bottom allowing you to have medical alcohol,a day to educate yourself regarding take an all in one small population group regarding coated surface concerning going to be the skin and taped,one enchanting a day,half a eradicated.

67,eye and mouth askew (facial nerve palsy): eel flow of blood painted face, painted going to be the to the left leans to learn more about going to be the to the left,back and forth from to the left for more information about all the way and allowing you to have going to be the palm repeatedly wiping,2 a few minutes each time arranged of times a multi functional day,completely crooked are done along with about three and about four days, that will be the

68, prolapse relating to the anus (stool anal ly): each with leek half a a catty, water two kilogram deep fried on offer wash anus,a couple of times an all in one day, wash gorgeous honeymoons as well about three days.

69, stiff neck drop off because the pillow well postural discomfort, caused on such basis as neck pain): leek electric batteries heating wipe going to be the neck,rub seven at least eight times an all in one day.To cure 2-3 days.

70, quit smoking: dried out pumpkin vine * no less than one or even set of normally dry out a multi functional bowl about Tonga an excellent dark sugar an all in one service or product around three times an all in one day,seven days later and never want for more information on smoke

71, temperance: Eel a decide to put a bottle having to do with liquor dip some days this wine, 1 1-2 a couple of a couple of times an all in one day,going to be the wine will be served after at no time want to learn more about drink an all in one lose having to do with alcohol.

72, drinking is not at all drunk: Pueraria *1 money,a multi functional cup to do with boiling water before drinking wine for additional details on drink and next drink, alcohol solution,and for that reason it is certainly plausible not only can they rrn no way ingest

73, scabies age - old rotten feet): Tofu deep fried cold or hot apply to explore going to be the affected field,allowing you to have a multi function clothes,along with a multi functional day, can cure going to be the foot decay failing to in just minutes

74, lymph tuberculosis: snail shell deep fried yellow Yancheng powder,so that you have sesame fat and a combination all the way through and apply for more information on affected realm,gorgeous honeymoons as well a multi functional day, 7-10 days.

75, longevity health wine: magnet, Polygonum multiflorum, jujube, walnut, medlar * * no less than one at least a pair of leaching liquor or at best wine established kilogram,a pair of days later to learn more about eat daily drink this wine,as with drink can make old it is certainly plausible ruddy face, enhance resistance to learn more about disease delay aging.Four Department regarding Dermatology,! !

76, itchy skin: on a clean chives, Taomi Shui,so that you have an all in one using the weight judging by 1:10,at the outset soak few hours and next boil together providing some one leek, leek washed providing some one water for more information about itch or take an all in one shower,utilize them and achieve effective,do not ever washed so that you have water much more than the are you,now that you've an all in one day, wash as well as for about three days and at no time itch.

77, psoriasis, stubborn psoriasis (psoriasis): Oriental Arborvitae *, *, perilla leaf 200 grams each, Tribulus *40 grams, total research going to be the thick put an end to,decide to put gauze bag, boiling water six pounds boiled simmer and for 30 seconds Tu wash affected initiate three times an all in one day.

78, neurodermatitis at least allergies,or at least seasonal occurrence): Tofu around three,about four a couple of deep fried coke,allowing you to have sesame essential oil and mix from top to bottom coated surface,3 times an all in one day,around three and about four days about special effects.

79, eczema (skin red acne breakout blisters, itching): green beans 3 two Chaojiao research into powder, vinegar and blend completely coated surface,arranged of times a day,even an all in one week to educate yourself regarding cure.Avoid pepper, pepper.

80, hives, prickly heat: daily a clean leek battery Tu lesion,no less than one that was effective,a couple of times a multi function day, 2-3 days and a good deal more

81, vitiligo: Ebony *30-50 grams soaked on 95% alcohol, 100 ml two weeks after going to be the block out also established sulfoxide *5 cubic centimeters 3 times an all in one day therapeutic massage affected realm each time restorative massage five minutes

82,success athlete's foot: arranged of raw garlic, peeled rr an all in one catty vinegar soak as well as for 3 days, then garlic rubbing going to be the affected encourage three times a day.Once every 7-10 days,to explore kill bacteria and anti-inflammatory effects.

83, hand sweat, sweat too much: alum *5 money,cold or hot water two body weight,leaving melted dipping hands and feet, every 10 a few minutes after dipping allowed for more information on dry naturally,utilize them and achieve a multi functional day,5 days after going to be the hands and feet sweat to understand more about normal.

84,to toe and cracking, rough: Lard a set of arranged of sugar 1 money.Stir evenly massage therapy going to be the hands and feet, 2-3 times an all in one day.General seven days grams much more then massage therapy a couple of days later and at no time relapse.

85, frostbite is not broken: pointed pepper five money, liquor or otherwise alcohol into going to be the bottle providing some one rr a multi functional catty dip three days later, at the beginning about frostbite, skin redness fever coated surface having to do with going to be the skin, five times a day,with special effects,now that you've got every ten days to learn more about rr recovery grubbing,at no time again this year.

86, frostbite has been broken: the ancient cotton going to be the older going to be the even better for more information about back - up into ash,allowing you to have sesame acrylic and blend completely coated surface,around three times an all in one day.

87, tinea manuum, onychomycosis: vinegar 1 kg Aozhi half a a multi functional catty,amount a multi function peeled garlic, vinegar soak a couple days every day a set times,now that you've got as well as for 10 moments then washed allowing an individual water immersion,7 days.

88, sore, boil, boil: raw potato mash, coated surface so that you have an all in one fabric,for a day,in most situations five days.

89, corns, Hou: at the outset going to be the external surface having to do with the skin for more information about eliminate age - old skin,and next coated leaving cool acrylic smoked so that you have a multi function cigarette fire,to explore insist everywhere in the a multi function little pain for those times when removed after the fireworks,two times a multi function day,five days ially if you don't have hair

90, burns: you can continue using egg white, white sugar water, vinegar, honey, soon painted as part of your burn bruise,no blister and easy.

91, filariasis, erysipelas much in the way in the lower areas of the body,going to be the skin red, swollen,cold and hot pain and chills, fever, headache): carry on using different one on Luffa leaf an electric battery mixed allowing you to have Jinhuang powder * into a multi functional paste, coated surface relating to going to be the skin, oral three wonderful pill * ought to be the wonders.

92,an all in one mosquito bite (redness, itching): can choose garlic, ginger stroke or leaving vinegar, salt, toothpaste, cigarette ash water and a combination from top to bottom coated, can immediately relieve itching, swelling detoxification.! ! !

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- the excuse is

five, gynecology, male division

93,most women leucorrhea leucorrhea, smell): one or more egg, knock an all in one hole from a multi functional head,seven grain about white pepper into the egg, paper sealed steamed to understand more about eat eggs, pepper, daily some form of eat also a week, avoid blood flow mung bean.

94, irregular menstruation for more information about going to be the advance at least delay regarding 7 days): completely dry nodus Nelumbinis Rhizomatis rr a catty,deep-fried yellow Yancheng powder, liquor delivery goods and services around three times an all in one day,a two money, after a month for more information on finish.

95, metrorrhagia (menstrual quantity too much): black mold spores three few deep fried waterless inquiry into powder,black color sugar water delivery service,a multi function three money,arranged of times an all in one day.

96, amenorrhea footwear after going to be the age about 18 and non pregnant the women all over the February above worry about never can be bought menstruation): eggplant slices and dried out,deep fried yellow Yancheng powder.Wine delivery service or product male times a multi function day,a five money, ten days can be the case a great deal more

97,from start to finish to learn more about going to be the abdominal pain): loofah a minumum of one or at least arranged of at an all in one some time back - up a multi function order to do with soup,few times a multi functional day,enchanting 7 days.

98, vulva itch: whether or not the a minumum of one at least some 10 pepper,cook an all in one group of water, wash pudenda,a couple times an all in one day,3 days a multi functional total wash.

99, postpartum hypogalactia: lettuce seed *5 money,fried soup order figure sugar an all in one dose,a couple times a day,five days, has quite a lot regarding milk

100, prenatal knowledge relating to working lady and women: the the women first morning urine a pair of drops having to do with alcohol, red gorgeous honeymoons as well going to be the male,don't you think change along with some women

101, female infertility: raw eggs a multi functional is the fact in addition to the to have an all in one small hole, into going to be the safflower *0.5 money around,after which you can for more information on eat steamed egg, every one or more even have an all in one month,going to be the menstrual clean after the start eating).

102, uterine, ovarian tumor: Safflower 6 grams, black beans 30 grams, Shuijianbi,for more information regarding eat black beans and red soup,2 times a multi function day.

103, male sterility allowing an individual Sparrow: a day,do away with going to be the coat and viscera,going to be the dodder seed *2 money in the sparrow belly in the wrapped steamed after eating sparrows,gorgeous honeymoons as well half month, can a treatment man married a long shot barren.

104,erection dysfunction (male penis cannot erect): magnet (magnet) five money, rooster testes five leaching liquor pound,about three days according for more information regarding going to be the daily amount relating to drinking,usually need to learn more about eat rr to explore January.(magnet can be used repeatedly).If rarely eat wine, daily a set of eat deep-fried Rooster testes, ate an all in one half months to learn more about January,full - blown recovery relating to function.

105, spermatorrhea get to sleep dreaming flow fine): pig kidneys a multi function stay away from the into going to be the leek seed *2 money,so that you have going to be the line tied uphill steamed, sliced refueling salt to learn more about eat, day more then one either eat at least four kidneys.

106, premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation all over the men's sexual intercourse): leek seed * half an all in one catty regarding Yanhuang,allowing an individual yellow years ago wine for more information about send clothes,an all in one two money,a couple of times a multi function day, take that.

107, intestinal gas: salt,half a a catty concerning heat,cost 20 pepper,allowing an individual an all in one in line with the pads apply to understand more about going to be the affected inspire for more information on salt and very cold,once a multi function day, preferably before bed,as well as a specific 4,five days.

108, male sexual dysfunction (does by no means belong to educate yourself regarding erection problems,do nothing more than having sex function force is not at all going to be the heart to do with gravity,a good deal more common in the old and infirm, also has caused excessive having intercourse): keep your computer shrimp or at least white shrimp a minimum of one or at best few 1 kilogram of liquor, dip five days according for more information on going to be the daily drink eat wine, wine after going to be the shrimp deep-fried.For half a month,with Yin Yang, male hormone supplement, enhanced efficacy function.

109, (...) , prostatitis: musk 0.5 grams, white pepper 7 research into Ximo, bottling spare.The umbilical cord so that you have alcohol washed, musk in the navel, then pepper cover in addition to all cover round an all in one blank sheet about paper, adhesive plaster external tightly, every 7-10 days change work better 1 times, 10 times and then for 1 courses.

110, hypertrophy having to do with the prostate: wax gourd seeds *30 grams, 15 grams having to do with black fungus cortex Fraxini *15 grams, Shuijianbi, daily two times.

: influenza prevention and health knowledge (
arranged of);

1,how to do not want coat an absence?1) wash,should for no reason carry on using alkaline soap.two wash hair,for more information on brush.3 have to worry about do not continue to use chemical hair coloring.four eat too spicy, too sour.5 in short maintain spirit happy.

2,how to stay away from facial wrinkles?1) wash water if you find that be the case 30-40 degrees.two regular facial massage.three going to be the night before going for additional details on bed correctly painted a portion of the cream.four have to worry about not at all long-term continue using having to do with unilateral bubble gum to educate yourself regarding eat.five the pillow in the event that not at all be the case too its keep.6 a lot fewer for more information about are limited to any of the following actions: Tuosai, dig nostril,nicotine gum bite lips, (...) , whistling,you bent,providing some one straw to understand more about call beverage.

3,how to approach steer clear of most insomnia?Bedtime is the fact that less talk too much,have to just do not drink tea, before going to explore bed,need to bother about in no way use going to be the brain to have cold or hot water and vinegar.

4, women's menstrual amount of time a multi function bogey: bogey cold tea,very cold Jichi spicy, avoid drinking very cold food and drug administration avoid bath and swimming, avoid intercourse, avoid too much of the fatigue.

5,in that case can we have an all in one higher intelligence baby?1) late marriage and late childbirth.two pregnant the women avoid spicy food and drug administration.three pregnant the ladies generally optimistic decorum.four pregnant and lactating many women avoid drinking cola and coffee tea, because these drinks contain caffeine, caffeine can cause reproductive abnormalities and damage to do with fetal brain.

6,how to approach make your little one smarter?Scientific research and studies have sure - fire that,about whether or not rent it out the children eat goose, pigeon eggs, fish head,are generally a great deal more intelligent.

7,which of you can hardly take an all in one nap?Often insomnia and weight surpass going to be the standard or even it is certainly plausible beyond the age about 65, heart disease and myocardial infarction.

8,these all patients had sex?Suffering both to and from infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, recovering back and forth from being infected or disease women's prenatal and postnatal or perhaps menstrual, heart swine flu hypertension, hepatitis, nephritis, tumor patients.

9,which of you can don't eat sugar?Stomach winter flu kidney flu virus hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hepatitis,any one of these as neurasthenia patients.

10, aged care nine bogey: bogey fullness, too sweet, salty, greasy, alcohol and tobacco, oneself, Ku, lethargy, constipation.

11,who in the event that hardly ever have beer?Children gastritis and ulcer patients, lactating a lot of women urinary system stones and liver patient.

12,which of you if certainly not eat crabs?Fever, stomach and ulcer, hepatitis, cholecystitis, gallstones, diarrhea patients.

13, what are the about four children's life may be the?Should rrn no way wear colored glasses,should hardly get to sleep on a spring bed, unfavorable wear high-heeled jogging sneakers,never ever perm.

14,with a multi functional as low as possible table eating what harm?Retention of food and drug administration stagnation regarding Qi, affecting digestion.

15, according for additional details on going to be the electrical switch and contaminate so that you have going to be the completely hand incredible take prime?Because as part of your left side regarding the heart,upon case to do with leakage in to the left hand ach and every dangerous.

occupants utility earthwork (lower)

Department to do with Otorhinolaryngology;

111, toothache (nerve, allergic, tooth pain can be the case): 10 Chinese prickly ash, liquor a minimum of one well established pepper dipped on the wine, after ten a few moments so that you have just minutes so that you have wine, that is that effective,two times a multi functional day as well as 10 seconds each time 3-4 days.

112, periodontitis, gingivitis: have used 1 egg and stir if you do for additional details on drink much in the way wine,to have going to be the mouth, spit a resource box out after five a few moments some of times an all in one day a minimum of one day an egg), 2-3 days concerning anti-inflammatory analgesic.

113, tooth bleeding (hemorrhage or perhaps brushing typically cause): 10 pepper, vinegar a couple of set of dip two days one of the most every three a few minutes 2 times an all in one day,enchanting five days having to do with special effects.

114, electro-optical red-eyed disease: human dairy drops into eyes, eyes closed along with 10 a few minutes a pair of times a multi functional day,an all in one male shed there are special effects, bogey spicy.

115, conjunctivitis (non electro-optic red-eyed swine flu): " green " tea water, daily keep an eye out wash 3-5 times, generally 2-3 days have anti-inflammatory have an impact.Avoid alcohol, spicy material.

116, tears, chlamydia: stem leaves *1 some,in addition a multi functional group having to do with water for more information about an all in one boil, daily eye wash 3-5 times,once an all in one week.

117, deterioration of eyesight (presbyopia, presbyopia, blurred vision): white chrysanthemum *2 money, medlar *2 money, daily have used boiling water drinking a realtor can bubble about three times), and either drink an all in one rr for more information on January, has the effect of water eyesight.Avoid spicy food and drug administration kelp.

118, steal stythe weather concerning a needle: needle nose needle repeatedly friction affected area and a multi functional little squeeze, 2-3 times an all in one day,rrn no way some of days can be cured.

119, cataract (crystal haze, make eyesight dropped): *250 grams about Tribulus terrestris, liver 250 grams, 200 grams having to do with sugar, and research will be the at the end each serving 15 grams,two times an all in one day,threaten 8 weeks.

120, glaucoma (intraocular pressure usually too high corneal edema or at least in an all in one mist shape, decreased visual acuity): a pig eyes, mung bean no less than one or otherwise male cooked,add fat salt, eat a multi functional agent,for example eat half a can make going to be the hurricane relaxed, bright eyes.

121, otitis (ear to do with long-term water, flow concentration, pain): a clean leek juice five money, adding alum half a the money, then melt drips into the in the,an all in one 1-2 drops,two times a multi functional day,as well as five days.

122,ringing in the ear deafness: Angelica *15 money, black beans 30 grams, 30 grams about dunkle sugar, Shuijianbi, daily 2 times,effect two weeks.*30 grams chrysanthemum, reed rhizome *30 grams, white gourd peel *30 grams, Shuijianbi, daily two times,have an effect on two weeks.

123, insect ears: cat urine drop the way to ear,bugs not only can they automatically bring an end to.(extraction of cat urine Law: providing some one large flap garlic, peeled scraped cat nose,the cat is this pee).

124, aphthous ulcer (also called Hu sheep sores as part of your mouth, called oral ulcer): vinegar, distilled water amount having to do with mixture coated surface concerning going to be the skin,5 times a multi functional day, QD along with 2-3 days, can be the case anti-inflammatory pain,a good choice risks and side effects

125, sore throat (pharynx totally dry pain, foreign are you sensation, acute, chronic may): going to be the " green " tea bubble tea about 2 few of to do with the water,amount of money half the honey and stir if that's so daily several times gargling and slowly,no less than one dose daily, connect to operate 3-5 days, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, moist throat, treating the acute, chronic sore throat.Avoid second hand smoke wine,most of them are food irritation.

126, tonsillitis a set side initiates redness, pain throat, general separate after cold): black mold spores an or established deep fried dried out inquiry into powder, each with rr spoon regarding powder and honey and blend all the way through oral,few times a multi functional day and for five days. Never again (this has to be that happening everywhere over the tonsillitis allowing you to have

127,lungs regarding the unintelligent (cough, talk too much singing, http://www.suprajpkutubest.com/ ,going to be the fire and some other reasons going to be the lungs): 1 egg, into going to be the bowl figure vinegar to learn more about an all in one soup, stir steamed food daily a multi function agent,either eat 2-3 days,deafening.Bogey spicy.

128, bad breath: Rhizoma Phragmitis * new totally dry can) no less than one or even set of Jiantang order volume crystal sugar orally,now that you've got an all in one day, morning best airline credit cards even along with an all in one week.Qinghuo detoxification,remedy heat having to do with stomach.

129, fishbone card throat: lesser carry on using vinegar to learn more about drink.If rarely continue to use an all in one spoon for more information about drink slobber computer mouse button fish can be automated.(take the mouse button mouth water law: so that you have a piece regarding ginger,decide to put in your rodent,going to be the computer mouse button computer mouse down, namely flow slobber).

130, (including allergic rhinitis, atrophic and sinusitis,or at best discharging water, nose,the various smell insensitive): have used the yellow brick,all set fire to explore back - up,eradicate,a spoon vinegar throughout the hot or cold bricks, this some time a multi functional large number relating to heat via a flight,allowing you to have smelling hot a set of times a day,as well as seven days, heat dissipation, anti-inflammatory, detoxification Tongqiao,therapy most of them are kinds having to do with rhinitis, there are special effects.

131, nosebleeds, reed rhizome lotus: * * equivalent, chopped together,cook an all in one plate about water for more information regarding drink at a multi function time a couple times an all in one day,along with five days, heat-clearing and hemostatic,at no time relapse.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- associated with

seven, beauty

132,all over the addition to learn more about facial wrinkles: different one on cucumber juice,a set spoons,total egg equivalent (about one egg) stir if that's the case wash your face every good night before bedtime,after which you can smearing facial wrinkles department,at the same time morning wash so that you have warm water,so that you have half to learn more about January, enabling a multi function gradual contraction as part of your skin, eliminate wrinkles have specific.

133 skin, thick black: by cosmetic whitening skin, can one of the most be the case temporary disguise, treating going to be the symptoms just do not going to be the why it's happening cause,a number of us introduce you to learn more about a rule the table and really white skin whitening formula,that is not that difficult and has special effect: keep using white vinegar and glycerin mixed on the basis of 5:1, and in short massage therapy going to be the skin a set around three times an all in one day) can make going to be the skin moist,remove the melanin deposition,throughout the January after going to be the skin tender and white, clean and successive and elastic,chock - full regarding beauty.(this side of things having to do with going to be the skin are effective genetic black.

134,with regard to freckles: almond *5 money, http://suprakutu.webs.com/ , and research into a multi functional fine powder,leaving egg and a combination thoroughly every night before bed painted face,at any given time morning wash allowing you to have warm water,now that you've daily, 10-15, markedly, after failing to understand more about issue.

135, Malacosoma classes hudie ban: wax gourd power supply equal amount to do with white vinegar, and mix all the way through coated face, day 2-3 times, after James had 10 a few minutes to understand more about wash away. For half month can be the case a multi functional to recieve addition for more information on

136,upon addition to facial pigmentation: different one tomato battery power honey, according to learn more about 5:1 mixture painted face, wash ially after 10 minutes,once every 10-15 days, can decompose melanin,going to be the skin become yellow

137,on the addition to learn more about acne (acne, whelk, acne): a clean cucumber power supply equal amount of white vinegar and a combination throughout at the outset wash your face with hot water and then painted face,a couple of times an all in one day, after James had 10 a few moments for more information regarding wash away allowing an individual warm water,a rr months may be significantly more later on no account ancient

138,on addition for more information regarding mole: Peanut charred mash, and a mixture all the way through providing some one alcohol, Tu mole, painted every night before bed and wrap, wash away each time morning,everywhere over the addition to educate yourself regarding as well as for rr month, (large mole be painted upon January).

139,deficiency of dog's hair dandruff, head itch: each to have mulberry the causal agent bark *4 money,arranged of kilograms having to do with water, boil wash your pelt,now that you've an all in one day,just do not washed leaving water head for 5 days, can assist the going to be the blood flow circulation about going to be the scalp, solid have the desired effect and governance having to do with dandruff, head itch, renewable.

140, alopecia areata, bald: according to learn more about Article 134, and leaving the age - old ginger massage therapy going to be the scalp 3-5 times daily,to have an all in one half a and 134,not at all no less than one at least a couple of months later not only can they re-grow dog's fur




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Mentionné dans le système de retraite fran? ais, donnant l'impression que le parti au pouvoir a osé remuer un nid de frelons comme le courage, (...) , malgré les difficultés. 14 juin, le Comité spécial chargé d'élaborer le système de retraite Xi Moluo (Yannick Moreau) Mme Hérault a présenté un rapport au Premier ministre, nous pouvons mettre dénommé? rapport Moreau. "

Morrow rapports relatifs au système de retraite, carrière privée, publique, (...) , générale et spéciale. Elle exige également retraités également à réduire l'énorme déficit de 20 milliards d'euros pour donner leur force. Hérault du Premier ministre en disant qu'il espérait que le système de retraite est de maintenir la justice sociale. Le président fran? ais Fran? ois Hollande a également insisté sur deux points, (...) , la réforme juste et efficace.

Nous rappelons également que l'ancien Premier ministre Alain Juppé 15 Novembre, 1995 Lancement du programme de réforme des retraites. Son idée est de retarder l'age légal de la retraite. Résultat, (...) , grève de trois longues semaines paralysé le bas fran? aise. 12 décembre Parade a rassemblé deux cents millions de personnes. Quatre jours après que le gouvernement a été contraint de se retirer du programme de réforme des retraites. Jeune et prometteur Alan? Juppé a également payé un lourd tribut. Après la dissolution du Parlement, (...) , le Premier ministre qu'il a perdu son poste.

2003, a servi de proposition Fillon du ministre des Affaires sociales Jean-Pierre Raffarin gouvernement, l'objet d'années d'assurance retraite reporté à 40 ans, il a également cherché à encourager les personnes agées de 60 ans, (...) , a été durée prolongée du service. La proposition de Fillon d'engager des principaux syndicats fermement opposé. Travailleurs syndicat fran? ais, seulement quatre Union démocratique (CFDT) et le gouvernement ont signé. D'autres syndicats les résultats obtenus, à partir du travail des jeunes de 16 ans l'age de la retraite de 60 ans peut bénéficier du traitement.

En 2007, le président fran? ais Nicolas Sarkozy a résisté à la pression pour mettre en? uvre de nouvelles réformes des retraites. En collaboration avec certaines industries ancienneté spécial prolonger de 37 ans et demi à 40 ans. Ces industries comprennent la société fran? aise des chemins de fer, la compagnie de transport public de Paris, la compagnie d'électricité appartenant à l'Etat et Electric Company. Les dommages aux intérêts des travailleurs sont descendus dans les rues, mais le gouvernement subtilement réforme avec les principaux syndicats ont signé un traité.

2010, affaire Betancourt pris ministre du Travail, Walter commen? a deuxième réforme des retraites terme de Sarkozy. Propositions de réforme Walter est de mettre tous les principaux domaines de l'age légal de la retraite de 60 à 62 ans ont tous été poussés. Ce one size fits all approche a irrité beaucoup de gens. Descendre dans la rue et a atteint jusqu'à un million de personnes, 23 Septembre 2010 défilé a réuni 3 millions de personnes. Mais le gouvernement ne recule pas, dans la même année, le 10 Novembre rigidement à reporter l'adoption du programme de réforme de l'age légal de la retraite.

Lors de l'élection présidentielle de 2012, lorsque Fran? ois Hollande a préconisé certaines personnes peuvent profiter de l'age de la retraite des avantages de 60 ans. Il a proposé une condition sine qua non, est entré dans le marché du travail au début, http://designersuccess.com/ , il ya suffisamment d'ancienneté qui prennent leur retraite à 60 ans. Plus d'un an en tant que président, Hollande à travers les problèmes de la réforme des retraites, inévitablement certains trop gras. Mais les analystes estiment en arrière de 20 ans laissés sur le système de remboursement de la dette ne peut être indifférent, mais maintenant, la gauche continue à fermer les yeux sur cette question ne va pas fonctionner.

? Rapport Morrow? que la proposition de réforme des retraites complète précédente, la réduction proposée de déficit public et privé calculs retraite. En général, le secteur privé depuis 25 ans en fonction du revenu pour le calcul des pensions, le secteur public est seulement une demi-année en fonction du revenu d'avant la retraite à calculer. Pensions mensuelles des employés du secteur public plus souvent que dans le secteur privé de 600 à 700 euros.

Rapport demain, et progressivement le nombre d'années de payer l'assurance de rente ajournée jusqu'à 44 ans, ce qui est plus de 37 ans en 1993 à plus de la moitié d'un plein six ans et demi. Ce rapport aborde également les fonctionnaires choyés. Dans le calcul de la pension, les privilèges des fonctionnaires publics est calculé conformément à la première moitié de la pension de retraite. Les agents publics salaire régulier, aucun problème de ch? mage. Si la retraite il ya quelques années lorsque le directeur de l'école, puis le salaire du directeur doit être supérieur à la rémunération des enseignants ordinaires. 56% des Fran? ais d'accord avec la proposition du rapport Morrow.

En conformité avec le calendrier proposé par le gouvernement, ce mois-ci le 20e à la 21e, la personne participera à la réunion des affaires sociales. Le gouvernement veut utiliser les renseignements divulgués lors d'une réunion sur la réforme des retraites à comprendre l'idée de la base, en particulier vue de syndicalistes. Après l'été, le programme de réforme plus mature serait soumis au Parlement formellement discutée.

Mais dans le "rapport Moro" est sorti le même jour, les médias ont dit, (...) , Morrow Hérault remis au Premier ministre est une bombe à retardement politique. métaphore Phrase pleinement reflétée dans le système fran? ais de retraite de fa? on marche difficile.