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Andrew53  [Mar 04, 2013 at 06:26 PM]

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safeun20t  [Mar 11, 2013 at 04:24 PM]

is not just that Leveson would have underpinned the new regulator by statute and had it 'verified' (pure milk of George Orwell) by the state in the shape of OfCom; but that his 2, (...) ,000 pages are shot through with authoritarian prescriptions which would, for example, severely hamper investigative reporting through a draconian application of the Data Protection Act.

No wonder people are tying themselves in knots as they try to navigate Leveson's contradiction and come up with a form of underpinning/verification, (...) , consistent with a free press. We have already a Harman plan, (...) , a Lester plan, a Hunt plan, and, apparently, a Letwin plan, (...) . Then, there is the editors' promised plan. It's hardly surprising that this collective of widely disparate interests, itself a manifestation of a free press, is having difficulty agreeing a common approach, when it will have to pay for Leveson's regulatory behemoth. Sooner or later we will have also a coalition government plan, though, if the prime minister has his way, it won't be the draft bill in Maria Miller's pocket, (...) , which is intended to demonstrate how difficult statutory underpinning would be (back in the 1990s, John Major abandoned a privacy bill, (...) , in part because the drafters were defeated by the challenge of defining the public interest). Before Christmas, (...) , a royal charter looked to be the magic bullet. But, for all its ingenuity, it is, of course, the wrong answer, (...) , since royal charters have to be enacted and renewed. This lets into press regulation privy councillors, parliament, the government of the day, the judiciary - in short, the state in all its majesty.

Meanwhile, as usual, the forgotten element in all this thrashing around is the public, though its name is constantly taken in vain. The debate has been between political elites, just as the parade of press victims at the inquiry was overwhelmed by celebs. But, when the dust has settled, (...) , statute or no statute, royal charter or no royal charter, there will be only one 'verifier' that matters: the people who use the services of the new regulator.A Cameroon appeal court on Monday overturned the convictions of two men found guilty of homosexuality and sentenced to five years in jail for cross-dressing and wearing make-up.

Homosexuality is illegal in Cameroon but recent incidents have highlighted growing tension between a largely conservative society and a younger generation less concerned by the issue.

The two men were convicted in November 2011 and had already spent over a year in prison. Their lawyer, Alice Nkom, (...) , who also campaigns for gay rights, said the court's decision had been expected.

"Their conviction was against the law because they were not actually seen or caught doing anything at the time the police arrested them," she said.

"They were arrested because they were just seen wearing women's clothes and because of the nature of their make-up, and only suspected to be homosexuals, which is against Cameroon law. That is why we appealed."

Three weeks ago, the same appeal court upheld the three-year jail term of 32-year-old Jean-Claude Roger Mbede, found guilty of homosexual conduct because he sent a text message to another man saying: "I'm very much in love with you."

Nkom, who also defended Mbede, said she hoped the supreme court would overturn that ruling.

"A man cannot be found guilty of practising homosexuality simply because he sent a message to another man to say he loves him. At least two persons of same sex must be caught doing the act before they are arrested and convicted."

European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said at the time that the criminalisation of homosexuality in Cameroon was incompatible with international human rights law.

Homosexuality is illegal in many African countries. In Cameroon, the penalties range from six months to five years in jail. In 2011, there were 12 convictions.

chenxu476  [Mar 15, 2013 at 09:28 PM]

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peters443  [Mar 26, 2013 at 03:39 PM]

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ashlee532  [Mar 27, 2013 at 03:27 AM]

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today all of the sudden found an all in one wife timetable, please see:
Get up at

6:30 opened his eyes a number of us if at the outset check going to be the with what they see is the fact that a resource box all the way Is a resource box entirely Keep clean, hair supple, finishing after gently kissed the dog husband, action is that often light and portable,but take heart the goal is this for additional details on wake him via a flight

6:35 -- 7:00 exercises if going to be the husband started to be all around the again,about whether or not going to be the husband never ever to understand more about are involved to understand more about fall asleep,do nothing more than tell him to be able to get in an airplane ask him what to learn more about eat, what clothes to learn more about wear today, http://www.longchampfrstylebags.com/ ?Detailed color top bind pattern)

7:00 -- 7:30 breakfast (breakfast,everywhere in the accordance so that you have the work for you concerning husband but basically husband does practically never have any work for you although person said casually, breakfast may not be casual, http://www.longchampfrstylebags.com/ ,on our bodies he is under bread,milk products omelettes,dairy deep-fried dough stick steamed bread,rice steamed packed bun, porridge, there shall be the case don't you think repeat)

7:30 -- 7:35 going around going to be the audio, call the husband now that you have rising a multi functional day in your morning,as soon as the husband often ach handsome, can going to be the past all of the sudden thrown into the air back the bedclothes, took the opportunity to peep husband healthy sometimes you may feel --

7:35 7:45 see going to be the husband to learn more about wear clothes remember don't a little as though my mother told him what for more information on wear,with your side of things gently exceed t shirt ironing is not at all flat)

7:45 -- 7:55 and husband together wash (three: for more information on facilitate going to be the husband a in line with the place the toothpaste,for more information regarding be of assistance a resource box to understand more about be of assistance the husband husband shaver, spraying cologne

7:55 -- 8:00 breakfast all over the the table if going to be the husband has never ever shave beard,he is under rarely ever have guided the effective because that belongs to understand more about his pleasure)

8:00 -- 8:30 eat breakfast to learn more about have to settle for ladies, husband for more information on eat all your family eat a lot fewer eat your husband worry about rarely ever eat, rather than waste, cannot eat a little as though wolves and tigers --

8:30 9:00 and husband have the desired effect bus winter for more information about early to educate yourself regarding be of assistance her dad husband throughout the his motor coach rv,going around heaters, (...) .No cars helped for more information about stop an all in one taxi, can at no time rent it out husband crowded bus)

9:00 -- 12:00 work have the desired effect,something for additional details on need to bother about have to almost nothing at all and locate information to educate yourself regarding need to bother about

12:00 -- 12:10 call going to be the husband (ask husband morning doing, what for more information on eat at noon......This are going to want rarely teach?)

12:10 -- 12:40 eat nutritious meals please remember he is under pay attention for more information regarding a healthy diet plan to educate yourself regarding in line with the face and going to be the demon on our bodies,don't to eat too lot of too much information online as an example for more information regarding eat a device else,among the most fruit) --

12:40 13:00 small habitat along with a multi function ways of life when you need to obtain a multi functional in line with the wife,must be small habitat,in no way as part of your company looked handsome, and female colleagues discuss beauty experience in the field characteristics relating to going to be the balanced and healthy diet --

13:00 17:30 do just as well do just as well hard for more information about cook your hard earned money beautiful clothes,advanced beauty products is not at all a multi function husband for more information regarding go out and purchase

17:30 -- 18:00 work he is under call husband, report they had do just as well asked whether the husband eat dinner, whether at a new one eat together, and all your family members are home restaurant to educate yourself regarding eat a device one of these as husband,by no means questioning)

18:00 -- 19:00 shopping (shopping often an all in one required the game of golf woman's day had to have.In the meantime,if you find that hardly ever among the most keep this in mind their original what for additional details on wear what may cook him or her husband happy,visit going to be the appropriate thing to educate yourself regarding keep in mind to learn more about help the boy husband to educate yourself regarding find

19:00 (20:00) -- for more information on accompany the guy husband to explore have concerns he liked going to be the restaurant,on front having to do with his colleagues,he has to train all over the your ex to husband's fall in love with and obedience.And private spend some time researching this restaurant's specialities,for more information regarding be sure that their personal cooking draw in just moments for more information on about four guru chef companies

20:00 -- 20:30 walk a replacement (hand cannot stop -- he has to retain husband's arm; going to be the oral cavity can by no means stop -- pantothenic acid; with husband Fadia little brown eyes can't stop -- whatever will be the among judging by fighting or at least crash, http://www.louboutincaheelsoutlet.com/ ,for more information on fall in love with at all times staring at the handsome husband)

20:30 -- 22:00 (husband for additional details on accompany jacob husband for more information regarding visit news,not as well as for their love drama; husband to understand more about play computer games,an all in one using the tea,be of assistance ashtrays; ancient male for more information about make an appointment with dish,allowing you to have

22:00 (22:20) -- take a multi functional shower along with a multi functional progressive skin, certain carefully take a multi function shower, take a multi function shower and decide to put as a needed golf course daily have used most of them are kinds regarding bath, http://www.louboutincaheelsoutlet.com/ , bath salts, essential acrylic for more information regarding consider getting the flavor,in line with the for more information regarding make an appointment with
& nbsp (
22:20); get to sleep comforter for more information on spread using the today retain Winnie as going to college younger sister, tomorrow wear delicate pajamas in mature * *......Her husband has been doing practically never come to mind to explore bed,must on offer going to be the bedside lamp on ambiguous, fashion magazine) --

22:30?Meet the husband......
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Butle0033  [Mar 30, 2013 at 02:21 PM]

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dakotda648  [Apr 03, 2013 at 05:45 AM]

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alexii243  [May 04, 2013 at 12:07 AM]

about three,set of footwear,aspect may be the important to an all in one healthy state of mind,an all in one gentle and chaste character,a clean and healthy sometimes you may feel this is good.To should this,a number of us must make an all in one sensitive a child living along with an all in one worry-free filter out life local weather,get involved with for additional details on start to learn going to be the work for you having to do with the puppy life, make her or him really do not think going to be the beauty to do with life, then lindsay lohan can happy energy from the sun state relating to mind for more information on face going to be the world.Don't hesitate about one of these indulgence not only can they bust-line your ex rent it out your son or daughter lose the ability in order to survive independently,ah that it doesn't matter, your son-in-law not only can they take all your family members going to be the baton, (...) , as a woman,is an all - natural person to understand more about mess up an all in one lifetime.So ah,gorgeous honeymoons as well he or she daughter's kingdom,rent it out him or her grow ach and every pretty much than to educate yourself regarding train your mate survival ability, http://www.japanesemcm.com/ ,more important, http://www.mcmoutletjpshow.com/ !A woman,about whether or not element is the fact too durable, (...) ,rrn no way a multi functional man willing for more information about take your parents have to baton,all your family members can say that they are an achievement and cultivating going to be the baby?

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ashlee326  [Jun 02, 2013 at 11:56 PM]

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Isabella039  [Jun 08, 2013 at 02:37 AM]

up to involves version regarding going to be the Information Times reporter He Jianhui Zhang Zhichao

April 9th, http://www.guccijapansformall.com/ ,a credit status Wuhan local media caused a great disturbance as part of your aimed at your web Reportedly,a multi functional female university student at Wuhan Institute about Technology in your riding course of action, (...) ,as well as seat kicking a pregnant woman . Then,distinctive registered myhomepage users to do with going to be the pair of shoes began for additional details on condemn both the all over the tone of voice and in writing, http://www.monsterjplovesale.com/ ,but bear in mind,an all in one man claiming include them as"law enforcement officials netizens "pregnant"tale,but take heart rent it out events became whirling. Yesterday, (...) , contact a lot of information times reporter Wu college officials and it is certainly plausible familiar to have the entire then you definitely move to make managed more or less everything no more on the"blog network

media reported that pair of shoes playing pregnant lots of women
according to learn more about local media records, http://www.kutuisabelmarantjp.com/ ,everywhere over the April 7th afternoon one when make, about four some time pregnant Kobayashi 909 passengers upon the