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dsfecom55kz  [Feb 04, 2013 at 04:52 AM]

Back then, http://stelladocter.weebly.com , ATF chief Steve Higgins wrote in a memo that was part of the testimony considered by Congress: "Current recordkeeping requirements for ammunition have no substantial law enforcement value, http://stellarounder.weebly.com , http://stellabring.wallinside.com ."

Speaking to Reuters 27 years later, http://timberlandhotess.weebly.com , he saw a chance that some controls on ammunition might work, http://stellasmall.mywapblog.com , http://stellachoose.xanga.com . "It might be like chicken soup - it can't hurt and it might help," he said, http://stellamccartney.weebly.com .

He added that the prime reason ammunition logs lacked any law enforcement value in 1986 was that his agents ignored them, (...) , http://stellamoine.xanga.com . The thinly stretched Bureau of Alcohol, http://stellaproder.xanga.com , Tobacco and Firearms had 1, http://stellakesho.weebly.com , http://stellamccartneytote.blog.com , http://miumiurecigan.weebly.com ,829 agents and investigators to police the nation's firearms.

"We were just struggling to get enough people to deal with the gun part of it," Higgins said, (...) . "I don't remember doing much in the ammunition area, http://stellasunny.xanga.com , http://stellastill.WebStarts.com ."

Higgins was still skeptical about whether computers would make tracking ammunition purchases easy, http://stellastilleran.xanga.com , but said he was open to the idea.


Americans buy some 10 billion to 12 billion bullets every year, including military and law enforcement, http://stellabring.wallinside.com , according to estimates by the industry, (...) . Regulating them is a Herculean task but is easier than controlling guns in one significant way: a bullet usually doesn't last long.

While guns are 'durable goods' that can last centuries, http://stellasicret.weebly.com , bullets last only one shot, and the trail between purchaser and shooter is generally a short one, making it easier to follow.

ashlee532  [Mar 18, 2013 at 08:50 PM]

Information Times News writer Tong Dan Liu Zhikun correspondent Zhang Zhenping) speak to income fraud again succeeded Guangzhou citizen may be the a multi functional strange calls cheated of 280000. In June 24th, Baiyun District law enforcement officials charged an all in one criminal gangs continue to use international telephone fraud, http://www.louboutincaheelsoutlet.com/ , criminal suspects arrested Huang x 5 captured the tools that can be used notebook os 2,click of a button call 10,the bank a good deal more than 100 cards and U protect and a number of other items of there are a number telephone,been successful and then in solving a multi functional television shows having to do with fraud case 10 cases, http://www.louboutincaheelsoutlet.com/ , involving right for more information on about 1000000 yuan.

fraud: an all in one telephone cheated on the town regarding 280000

also in June 9th this year, (...) ,going to be the Wu Tang King decided to go to police station said, http://www.longchampfrstylebags.com/ , morning a replacement phone received an all in one man claiming to try and force going to be the staff concerning China Telecom call. The numerous said Wu and Shenzhen exclaimed telephone that belongs a lot more than 3000 yuan. Wu said you is doing not ever reply to understand more about going to be the connection whilst in the Shenzhen. The a number of he or she explained, Wu's identity card things has recently been stolen too said excitedly telephone, (...) ,mentioned aspect immediately for more information on the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau police and said going to be the call for more information regarding going to be the Public Security Bureau to do with Shenzhen city.
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cdncjdx8  [Mar 19, 2013 at 08:18 PM]

listened to the breakers and , http://www.www.coachcheaponline.info/ the gulls crying, quite still, quite still. Her eyes were closed when I
came up to her, and with every breaker her brows creased in a little
frown. I had the fanciful idea that they were beating on her skull like
blows, http://www.coachcheapsale.info/ , and that she was enduring the sound, for reasons of her own.
I went away again—I have never met anyone who so gave the impres-
sion that normal acts of friendliness are a deadly intrusion, (...) .


I was still determined that we should talk about writing together. I
waited until one day she seemed relaxed and friendly; she had offered
to help me to darn sheets, which she does much better than I do—she
is a fine needlewoman. Then I said, "Cousin Christabel, it is true that
I have a great desire to be a writer."

----------------------- Page 393-----------------------

A . S . B YATT HI 37 7

"If that is true, and if you have the gift, nothing I can say will
change the outcome."
"You know that cannot be true. That is a sentimental thing to say,
cousin, forgive me, (...) . Much could prevent me. Solitude, http://www.coachcheaponline.info/ . The lack of
sympathy. The lack of faith in myself. Your contempt."
"My contempt?"
"You judge me in advance, http://www.coachoutletstore2013.us , as a silly girl, (...) , who wants she knows not
what. You see your idea, not me."
"And you are determined I shan't persist in that error. You have one
of the gifts of the novelist at least, http://www.coachoutletstore2013.us , Sabine, (...) , you persist in undermining
facile illusions. With courtesy and good humour, http://www.coachcheapsale.info/ . I stand corrected.
Tell me, http://www.coachoutletstore2013.us , then, what do you write, http://www.www.coachcheaponline.info/ ? For I suppose you do write? It is
a métier where the desire without the act is a destructive phantom, http://www.www.coachcheaponline.info/ ."
"I write what I can. Not what I should like to write but what I
know. I would like to write the history of the feelings of a woman.
A modern woman. But what do I know of that, in these granite walls
somewhere between Merlin's thorny prison and the Age of Reason?
So I write what I know best, the strange and the fantastic, my father's
tales. I have written down the legend of Is, for instance."
She said she would be happy to read my story of Is. She said she
had written an English poem upon the same subject. I said I knew a
little English, not much, and should be glad if she would teach me
some, http://www.coachcheapsale.info/ . She said, "I will try, of course. I am not a good teacher, I am
not patient. But I will try."
She said, "Since I came here, I have not attempted to write anything,
because I do not know what language to think in. I am like the Fairy
Mélusine, http://www.coachcheapsale.info/ , the Sirens and the Mermaids, half-French, half-English and
behind these languages the Breton and the Celt. Everything shifts
shape, my thoughts included. My desire to write came from my father,
who was not unlike your father.
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peters443  [Mar 21, 2013 at 05:49 PM]

(...) (...) , (...) (...) (...) , http://www.jordanjpkutubest.com/ (...) (...) , (...) (...) (...) .

Isabella039  [Mar 26, 2013 at 02:40 PM]

Ju Ronghua took the missing daughter's photo,chock - full about nostalgia.

heart guideline enchanting her daughter away back and forth from another one Jiangsu Gaoyou Ju Ronghua couple made the decision to consider renting out and about a quite and daughter age ladies have the Spring Festival,a multi functional condition is 5000 yuan.It immediately drawn a lot of those criticism,going to be the universal question is: emotions can use going to be the money for more information on imagine?

⊙ "law weekly reporter Guo Weican

some time ago a"I want to learn more about don't rush 5000 yuan to learn more about rent an all in one girls under a the age relating to 15 have going to be the Spring Festival"i am glad,is that each large forum carefully returned all around the going to be the Internet, immediately attracted going to be the attention to do with going to be the majority relating to users.Post named Ju Ronghua, said preparing any other part read going to be the daughter Jumeng has been away as well as for a great deal more than three a number of years she and his better half every day everywhere over the tears, http://coachjapan.webs.com/ .Watch going to be the Spring Festival is because drawing near,she or he and benefit from to discuss,determined to 5000 yuan for a multi function daughter the same age your baby home have the Spring Festival,in order to make airborn as well as for the feel sorry about in your heart".Why

daughter want to understand more about tend to be away?Have going to be the Spring Festival Syndrome a baby whether any suspected hype?During this time period what's the story?January 16th afternoon,going to be the reporter dialed Ju Ronghua phone.On going to be the phone,he or she told the"law on a weekly basis reporters about as a father to educate yourself regarding his daughter to do with going to be the 107 day and good night.

daughter bizarre back and forth from 41 year age - old Ju Ronghua tasks on the Jiangsu, Gaoyou City,going to be the condition in the a replacement is this : in line with the there would be the fact a small courtyard and beautiful story, and most people daughter Jumeng.But considering the fact that last October 3rd Jumeng away back and forth from new ones, http://www.supranewjpsale.com/ ,each of them is this has changed, although going to be the family well brand new ones but take heart don't you think a little longer going to be the daughter's laughter.

Jumeng do nothing more than got to be 13 a very long time ancient this year,in the before anything else Gaoyou Wuan media senior high school nine class reading.In going to be the with what they see of others, she would be the fact vigorous and cheerful personality, before returning a replacement are shouting, jumping, sometimes naughty, said her family, she are generally using the.Until an day last September, she seems an outdoor a lot of a fresh one"We haven't decide to put as part of your heart,aspect to consider could possibly be the boy or girl having to do with school tired and friends or otherwise make small contradictions,is not very careful about."Ju Ronghua told reporters, (...) .

going to be the afternoon about October three 2008, http://www.chloebagsalljpsale.com/ , Jumeng is this : studying at new ones,an all in one female classmates came even more than and told her to educate yourself regarding are involved skating.Ju Ronghua interest,between going to be the classmate play out is always quite normal, agreed to learn more about her.Didn't expect that both to and from that moment throughout the misty and at no time came back.

don't forget that the day late at night,my own personal daughter has on no account are offered back, I is the factthat the have told his mother that she is the fact it completely Wrong, because as the distance as she doesn't come back,will call our way of life"

then Ju Ronghua, immediately reported for more information on going to be the law enforcement officials said going to be the a young boy skating gone, don't come a new one at good night.That the police investigation, Jumeng and going to college finished going to be the ice cubes demise bike and come to a new one,all of a sudden longer than one a " friend " ran enchanting a bike don't you think gas, then Jumeng dragged down back and forth from the back seat.But according for more information on going to be the Gaoyou City Pearl Lake law enforcement officials station is the reason that the next few years Jumeng whether will be the element up Is multiple boys away,however practically never absoluetly certain.

no enter,so how do you not only can they the daughter out of the blue disappeared?According to understand more about the understanding regarding the situation, Ju Ronghua think Jumeng is more or less to ensure they are to understand more about abduct have concerns.Then again the affected person found the kid about Jumeng skating,but take heart going to be the child said nothing.

away because going to be the teacher hit?

then Ju Ronghua,even though some the police article sources,the side also began to understand more about think having to do with ways to learn more about go out and buy.Unexpectedly,do nothing more than as soon as the police are frequently ready Jumeng listed as missing with your available on the internet publication,unexpectedly rent it out Ju Ronghua heard a beat all are.

at that time Ju Ronghua for additional details on purchase and Jumeng a lot of times have in line with the classmate Xiao Li (alias), want for more information about understand going to be the real situation about the girl or boy.Unexpectedly, Xiao Li's words let Ju Ronghua be the case startled at, she said: you are limited to hardly know ah, your another one daughter wanted to explore go Jumeng was going to be the teacher hit, hit kale hard,four or five times on a multi functional month a short time there are longer than one times much more weight."

listened for additional details on her words, http://timberlandjp.webs.com/ , Ju Ronghua association for more information regarding change a completely new one daughter,might by no means facilitate but gasped.12The next page
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safeun20t  [Mar 28, 2013 at 08:09 PM]

Let's do things that will make a difference here, rather than take one more opportunity to go at an old agenda," Missouri Senator Roy Blunt said on "Fox News Sunday".

"We had bans on things for a decade, (...) . That didn't seem to make any difference at all, but, (...) , (...) , during that same decade, http://stellamccartneyhandbag.snack.ws , (...) , our willingness to share information about mental problems, http://stellamccartneybag.overblog.com , our willingness to share information between security officials and police officials, all declined, (...) ," Blunt said, (...) .

Wyoming Republican Senator John Barrasso said Obama "ignored the major issues of mental health and violence in society in the media and video games, (...) , and he has focused so much on what may be happening at gun shows or on gun shelves at gun stores that I think he is failing to try to really find a solution to the problem of the tragedy of Newtown, http://stellamccartneyhandb.1toxic.com , http://stellamccartneysale.blog.com ."

Barrasso, (...) , speaking on CNN's "State of the Union," also noted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, (...) , a Nevada Democrat, had voiced doubt about prospects for reinstating a ban on assault weapons, http://zo3pjug.dhpreview.devhub.com , (...) .

"I don't think Senator Harry Reid even brings it to the Senate floor because he has six Democrats up for election in two years in states where the president received fewer than 42 percent of the votes, (...) ," Barrasso said.

"And he doesn't want his Democrats to have to choose between their own constituents and the president's positions," he said, (...) , highlighting the political perils of gun control legislation for Democrats from pro-gun western and rural states, http://42ty796.dhpreview.devhub.com , (...) .

(Reporting by Vicki Allen; Additional reporting by Thomas Ferraro and Leslie Wroughton, (...) ; Editing by Sandra Maler)

Butle0033  [Apr 04, 2013 at 11:00 PM]

风格=“字体大小:14px;”&gt, (...) ;抬起头是一种状态,低着头是一种信仰。|



|谦虚是智者的冷静,谦虚是勇敢的思考,探索道路上的知识和智慧, http://www.guccijapansformall.com/ ,是勇敢的解释生命。|

|谦虚是最低生活标准,并在追求高尚生活的感觉, (...) (...) (...) ,谦虚是一种优雅。谦虚是人格为主他希望,和用于选择自己的未来。|



和nbsp, http://newbalancejp.webs.com/ ;我从“故乡”





alexii243  [May 05, 2013 at 01:22 PM]

12, http://www.newbalancebeststyle.com/ .have to never tax evasion,but take heart for more information about learn what exactly is reasonable tax avoidance

datouxiaowei monthly bill are going to want never ever start,going to be the sell and buy tax and additional education spending budget,all your family members will want pay what you don't neural value added tax don't forget that to learn more about buy going to be the a replacement for more information about tax deduction can be the case normal),besides tariff you look at their it's not necessary to move by move circumstances can be the case treated,going to be the enterprise budget tax all are - time to learn more about avoid an all in one nickel don't pay, http://www.newbalancebeststyle.com/ ,but take heart skillfull for more information about the tax a finance pay a lot fewer don't a multi function nickle don't pay, pay much more pay less and for all your family members at his place of business and going to be the personal sum of money tax, as going to be the local big brother for additional details on going to be the taxpayer for more information regarding have to settle for a number of too much info online will be the my own personal tax it is certainly plausible really for those times when tax circumstances every single one search at going to be the make payroll, http://www.newbalanceminimushoes.com/ .

13.all your family members can use an all in one journalist but have to hardly assume that going to be the reporter

reporters can provide you with the your family there are a number your hard earned dollars or at best gifts,but your family can't say to them the press a multi function chunk of property about all your family members can rarely believe that reporters not only can they allows all your family members keep commercial magic bullet, (...) ,as an example all your family members can't press too close and he is under learn to understand more about face the seal of approval and fortification, whether your family are facing usually female reporter beautiful coquettish or at least can talk about name reporters are and therefore, http://www.newbalancekutucheap.com/ .




dakotda648  [May 06, 2013 at 06:55 AM]

style="font-size:14px;"> 我今天终于有了自己的QQ空间, (...) !
不过, http://www.airmaxnikeatjp.com/ ,我相信我的空间是独一无二的, (...) !

我喜欢交朋友, http://www.qualitynewbalancekutu.com/ (...) http://www.christiansaleherejp.com/ (...)




chenxu476  [May 07, 2013 at 09:13 AM]


兄弟是什么, (...) ?哥哥是50年后的你是躺在床上, (...) ,我请你喝, (...) ?你摇摇头,吃水果吗, http://mcmjapan.webs.com/ ?你摇了摇头。我又问,你找个女孩?你的眼睛, http://www.airmaxjpshopbuy.com/ ,眼泪:哥哥,扶我起来,试试,祝中秋节快乐。





ashlee326  [May 09, 2013 at 09:02 PM]

massacre passed two edition concerning

correspondents came to educate yourself regarding going to be the chap was was able to find in the place, (...) ,is not at all far from going to be the bus station, across the road would be the fact an all in one gas station and several auto repair body shop, http://www.newbalancekutushoe.com/ ,but take heart going to be the attendant said that is doing on no account recognise anything, http://www.jordanninnkisale.com/ ,has been doing do not make an appointment with a car just around the corner going to be the people behind.

because ginkgo road peripheral several to do with individual hotel room editors visited a variety of may not also remember not to purchase man been with us also in a small college accommodation But because the tragedy has spread,several different local people have seen the item guy near going to be the train station. "Others be smart good - looking a light,but take heart then you should not take joy in include them as absentminded by a number of the the I saw he or she had a young woman walk together.graphs

gentle chap and girls,one reason why for additional details on medication destruction after since they will be out relating to danger,a primary reason is always cutthroat abandoned? Residents spread on the town plus in a pair of versions: one or more is most likely the chap completely the chat for more information regarding get to learn more about are aware of that the Liuhe hometown a multi functional thirtysomething married woman, http://www.newbalance993mise.com/ , came back and forth from Zhejiang for more information on familiarize yourself with,going to be the woman was able to find her husband, (...) , fear do not make investments suicide based on deadly revenge; another is because small to learn more about Liuhe female netizen,but take heart going to be the set of footwear feel she is always that along with constricting,declined his advances,the affected individual may not also never withstand the attack all of them are guidelines to help you are blasted. Medication, Dutch act for no reason want site in order to cutthroat prevent the wrist committing suicide going to be the way.




Andrew53  [Jun 12, 2013 at 11:06 PM]

Style= "font-size:14px;" > majority of folks report "Utopia" and numerous other organizations answered about illegal and criminal activities having to do with

(I am responsible and then for going to be the report content moderators please worry about in no way pick-up

according to learn more about majority of folks a lot of information"Utopia" website tends to be that"Xiang Culture Communication Co. Ltd Beijing Utopia, http://www.newbalancejpkutubest.com/ ,the reason being legal representative "Du going to be the going to be the nature concerning profit as well as for going to be the main reason having to do with Private Companies.So going to be the businessman Du Jianguo may be the it right Is that going to be the so-called "independent scholar" Du Jianguo?We can research.

however I want to explore publicly report is the company was involved everywhere in the many different illegal and criminal activities.Here, solemnly on offer report for more information about the central and Beijing administration concerning industry and commerce, http://www.newbalancejpkutucheap.com/ , network inspection department,going to be the Department relating to homeland security,going to be the Department to do with civilized affairs, Department about tourism management, http://www.ralphlaurenkutujpsale.com/ ,legally to have security departments, units over the joint or even do the job to do with going to be the activities having to do with going to be the companies involved shall be the case investigated according to learn more about law, safeguard the environment be the case never easily won going to be the economic construction,these all shares an all in one motley office members cleaning going to be the atmosphere was horrifying

,deemed having to do with illegal trade travel.

recently"Utopia"for more information regarding attract tourists to educate yourself regarding Korea tourism site going around visa and each charge 5400 yuan price of interest and personal accounts hit.According to educate yourself regarding going to be the"Chinese citizens travel abroad management approach"without going to be the approval of going to be the Tourism Administration Department to do with going to be the State Council made travel marketing qualifications,don't you think unit or even individual may operate going to be the commerce,at least to learn more about study training in the form regarding operating the commerce about outbound tourism.

as well as going to be the website screen shot 1:

any organization and individual shall for no reason be the case more than going to be the law,in no way for additional details on allow people to educate yourself regarding borrow political slogan concerning self-interest to do with tru short period.The requirements relating to going to be the relevant departments having to do with the State Council, and Beijing are presumed concerning illegal and criminal activities happen to have been hard punished, http://www.newbalancejpkutucheap.com/ , shall be the case investigated as well as legal liability concerning relevant people.But, this may not be one of the most the tourism activities,but also concerns going to be the foreign political exchanges,will want also be the case submitted to educate yourself regarding the Ministry having to do with foreign affairs and going to be the Ministry regarding state security and tourism management departments for more information about investigate.

several answered illegal enrollment schools,upon violation concerning going to be the law relating to compulsory education.

"Utopia" website reached into going to be the lasting having to do with going to be the motherland, openly a good reason"Henan Democratic primary and secondary schools"for going to be the country side to learn more about recruit school-age a child.See going to be the screen shot well below a 2:

what this "democratic schools" unknown, (...) ,examples of the material said that the affected individual is the reason that an all in one a recent study high school graduation and a multi functional data display is the fact joint-stock enterprises.Hope going to be the Education Department relating to going to be the State Council to learn more about purchase out a few of the problems:

one a resource box is usually that accessible for too the national recruitment at going to be the stage about compulsory education in your primary and gut high school graduation going to college?Whether after going to be the approval relating to the an event department?

two based single purpose all over the Utopia figures released on the December 30, 2011,the high school graduation received 310000 yuan concerning donations.If element is this : an all in one joint-stock enterprises rather than the so-called research conducted recently schools, whether going to be the alleged irregularities and fraud?If there has to be that economic down side to this?three concerning its teaching content whether the review?The so-called "Chairman Mao anthology"a lot of those content pieces is that about class be unable and aggression there is the fact that an all in one finger by finger historical background.With today's peace, harmonious education view

4 is this a multi function violation regarding going to be the law of compulsory education on the decoy should incorrect responses compulsory education of school-age children adolescents,how to drop around town regarding school; illegally recruits are going to want be unhelpful compulsory education having to do with school-age your little one adolescents; publication if you don't have legal approval regarding training books"Chairman Mao.quite obviously does rarely belong to the category concerning authorized courses according to learn more about law.If there is usually that illegal education law and compulsory education law, harm for additional details on going to be the during infancy people,will want be the case investigated as well as criminal responsibility according to learn more about law.




luoli41461  [Jun 30, 2013 at 08:12 PM]

Mentionné dans le système de retraite fran? ais, donnant l'impression que le parti au pouvoir a osé remuer un nid de frelons comme le courage, malgré les difficultés. 14 juin, le Comité spécial chargé d'élaborer le système de retraite Xi Moluo (Yannick Moreau) Mme Hérault a présenté un rapport au Premier ministre, nous pouvons mettre dénommé? rapport Moreau. "

Morrow rapports relatifs au système de retraite, carrière privée, publique, générale et spéciale. Elle exige également retraités également à réduire l'énorme déficit de 20 milliards d'euros pour donner leur force. Hérault du Premier ministre en disant qu'il espérait que le système de retraite est de maintenir la justice sociale. Le président fran? ais Fran? ois Hollande a également insisté sur deux points, la réforme juste et efficace.

Nous rappelons également que l'ancien Premier ministre Alain Juppé 15 Novembre, 1995 Lancement du programme de réforme des retraites. Son idée est de retarder l'age légal de la retraite. Résultat, grève de trois longues semaines paralysé le bas fran? aise. 12 décembre Parade a rassemblé deux cents millions de personnes. Quatre jours après que le gouvernement a été contraint de se retirer du programme de réforme des retraites. Jeune et prometteur Alan? Juppé a également payé un lourd tribut. Après la dissolution du Parlement, le Premier ministre qu'il a perdu son poste.

2003, a servi de proposition Fillon du ministre des Affaires sociales Jean-Pierre Raffarin gouvernement, l'objet d'années d'assurance retraite reporté à 40 ans, il a également cherché à encourager les personnes agées de 60 ans, (...) , a été durée prolongée du service. La proposition de Fillon d'engager des principaux syndicats fermement opposé. Travailleurs syndicat fran? ais, seulement quatre Union démocratique (CFDT) et le gouvernement ont signé. D'autres syndicats les résultats obtenus, à partir du travail des jeunes de 16 ans l'age de la retraite de 60 ans peut bénéficier du traitement.

En 2007, le président fran? ais Nicolas Sarkozy a résisté à la pression pour mettre en? uvre de nouvelles réformes des retraites. En collaboration avec certaines industries ancienneté spécial prolonger de 37 ans et demi à 40 ans. Ces industries comprennent la société fran? aise des chemins de fer, la compagnie de transport public de Paris, la compagnie d'électricité appartenant à l'Etat et Electric Company. Les dommages aux intérêts des travailleurs sont descendus dans les rues, mais le gouvernement subtilement réforme avec les principaux syndicats ont signé un traité.

2010, (...) , http://collegetwist.com/ , affaire Betancourt pris ministre du Travail, Walter commen? a deuxième réforme des retraites terme de Sarkozy. Propositions de réforme Walter est de mettre tous les principaux domaines de l'age légal de la retraite de 60 à 62 ans ont tous été poussés. Ce one size fits all approche a irrité beaucoup de gens. Descendre dans la rue et a atteint jusqu'à un million de personnes, 23 Septembre 2010 défilé a réuni 3 millions de personnes. Mais le gouvernement ne recule pas, (...) , dans la même année, le 10 Novembre rigidement à reporter l'adoption du programme de réforme de l'age légal de la retraite.

Lors de l'élection présidentielle de 2012, lorsque Fran? ois Hollande a préconisé certaines personnes peuvent profiter de l'age de la retraite des avantages de 60 ans. Il a proposé une condition sine qua non, est entré dans le marché du travail au début, il ya suffisamment d'ancienneté qui prennent leur retraite à 60 ans. Plus d'un an en tant que président, Hollande à travers les problèmes de la réforme des retraites, inévitablement certains trop gras. Mais les analystes estiment en arrière de 20 ans laissés sur le système de remboursement de la dette ne peut être indifférent, mais maintenant, la gauche continue à fermer les yeux sur cette question ne va pas fonctionner.

? Rapport Morrow? que la proposition de réforme des retraites complète précédente, (...) , la réduction proposée de déficit public et privé calculs retraite. En général, le secteur privé depuis 25 ans en fonction du revenu pour le calcul des pensions, le secteur public est seulement une demi-année en fonction du revenu d'avant la retraite à calculer. Pensions mensuelles des employés du secteur public plus souvent que dans le secteur privé de 600 à 700 euros.

Rapport demain, (...) , et progressivement le nombre d'années de payer l'assurance de rente ajournée jusqu'à 44 ans, ce qui est plus de 37 ans en 1993 à plus de la moitié d'un plein six ans et demi. Ce rapport aborde également les fonctionnaires choyés. Dans le calcul de la pension, (...) , les privilèges des fonctionnaires publics est calculé conformément à la première moitié de la pension de retraite. Les agents publics salaire régulier, aucun problème de ch? mage. Si la retraite il ya quelques années lorsque le directeur de l'école, puis le salaire du directeur doit être supérieur à la rémunération des enseignants ordinaires. 56% des Fran? ais d'accord avec la proposition du rapport Morrow.

En conformité avec le calendrier proposé par le gouvernement, ce mois-ci le 20e à la 21e, (...) , la personne participera à la réunion des affaires sociales. Le gouvernement veut utiliser les renseignements divulgués lors d'une réunion sur la réforme des retraites à comprendre l'idée de la base, en particulier vue de syndicalistes. Après l'été, le programme de réforme plus mature serait soumis au Parlement formellement discutée.

Mais dans le "rapport Moro" est sorti le même jour, les médias ont dit, Morrow Hérault remis au Premier ministre est une bombe à retardement politique. métaphore Phrase pleinement reflétée dans le système fran? ais de retraite de fa? on marche difficile.